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North yorkshire county council job losses

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Webnorth yorkshire county council jobs Sort by: relevance - date jobs Hiring multiple candidates The – NYSCP MACE and Contextual Safeguarding . WebNORTH YORKSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL Northallerton Up to £32, a year Permanent + 1 No weekends + 2 Urgently needed The post is peripatetic and part of the wider .

North yorkshire county council job losses

North Yorkshire County Council is the region's largest employer with a workforce exceeding 20, people. Covering a diverse mixture of roles such as: legal. branch of UNISON, representing circa 5, members who work predominantly for North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC), Hambleton. District Council.

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North Yorkshire County Council's companies have forecast losses of more £, in due to the impact of Covid on their performance. Council proposes. Yorkshire and while job cuts are inevitable given the size of the budget cuts, working with local partners, for example, the county council and the.

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WebNorth Yorkshire County Council Senior Officials' Salaries as at April North Yorkshire County Council Senior Officials' Salaries as at April North Yorkshire . WebNorthallerton, North Yorkshire Type Government Agency Founded Specialties Local government, Highways, Social care, Education, Recycling and waste, Libraries, .

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