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Dental vocational training equivalence jobs

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WebVT by equivalence Many overseas dentists, who require a visa to enter the UK, will have a stamp on their passport stating "No recourse to doctor or dentist training". An overseas . WebDental Vocational Training jobs Sort by: relevance - date Page 1 of jobs Children & Young People (CYP) Trainer Coach/Assessor Educ8 Group Cardiff • Temporarily .

Dental vocational training equivalence jobs

Performers List Validation by Experience (PLVE) is the process via which UK graduate dentists and dentists from outside of the EEA*, who have not previously. Unlike Foundation Dentistry, the curriculum is very innovative and will train the VTE dentist to become proficient with NHS care within the general dental.

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Equivalency Process-How to ensure a smooth application process

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Experience equivalent to Vocational/Foundation Training · Application process · Application guide · Equivalence meeting dates · Closing date. A dentist who wishes to join an NHS Board dental list needs to have a vocational training (VT) number. If a dentist is unable to apply for a VT number on.

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WebJun 8,  · Sample Education and Experience Equivalencies; Job Requirement: Equivalent Experience: High School Diploma: 4 years of work experience: Missing: Dental vocational training. WebAntwerp Dental Group supports Vocational Training by Equivalence. Every year, our group agrees to mentor non-european qualified dentists by one of our excellent .

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